How restore default budgie lock screen

Hi all, unfortunately I have installed unity, now no longer possible to have the default budgie lock screen ? I have make some research on google and here with no result, any ideas. THX!!

Sorry no idea why unity stamps all over budgie :frowning: bad bad unity

Budgie’s lock screen is gnome-screensaver so at a guess try reinstalling that package

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-screensaver

thx works fine, just impossible the change the lock screen pictures. remain the gnome ones!?

In settings - background you have the ability to change the lock screen image.

If it doesnt work then I am afraid that is unity messing with your system. Nothing we can do about that.

Hi, I have a question connected with the same topic here so I will post it here and hopefully someone will see it :slight_smile:

I want to change lock screen background in Ubuntu Budgie 20.04. I have found a few answers on google saying I should change some ubuntu css file but I wanted to check with you guys if there is easier way to do that. For example in the answer here by @fossfreedom that option should be available directly from settings. But I don’t see anything there. Here is the screenshot, can you tell me where to find that option?

Yeah - that answer was written back in 2019 when Settings Background had the ability to set independently the background picture for the lock screen & user session.

Now they are tied together.

If you change the dconf key value (via dconf-editor) to the path to your picture then your lockscreen picture will be different from your user session

org.gnome.desktop.screensaver picture-uri

Thank you! Great, it works and it’s easy (I already had dconf-editor installed). Cheers! :slight_smile: