Appearance and behaviour customisations - quirks

I wanted to make my login screen consistent with my user desktop (single-user machine), but I can’t change either cursors nor fonts. I can successfully change the theme and the icons, and the background too. The “Login Settings” application does not allow to customise those settings, though (by the way, the ability to choose both a background and a solid colour as background is confusing, which one applies?), while the LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings application which exposes those settings is not functional in Ubuntu Budgie. FWIW it all works in Solus, Budgie’s original distribution, which uses LightDM too. I gather that Ubuntu Budgie uses the Slick greeter, and I’m unsure whether Solus does too, anyway on the Ubuntu Budgie’s IRC channel I was told that there are a few things which are hardcoded on Ubuntu, but I don’t think this is optimal?

I’d also like to set a hot corner to make Raven appear, but am I forced to keep the applet, although I’d probably set it and forget it?

cursor and fonts are upstream slick-greeter issues. Suggest other queries about slick-greeter should also be asked on the upstream tracker.

LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings is for the LightDM GTK Greeter only.

If you can, make the code changes and do a pull-request …or at the very minimum raise slick-greeter issues on the upstream tracker:

Nothing is hard-coded in Ubuntu - as mentioned on IRC - slick-greeter has hard-coded font issues -

Again this is waiting for someone to fix and do a pull-request.

Not sure what you mean about being “forced to keep the applet” - hot corners is provided by the applet - not budgie-desktop itself

Oh, I’m sorry, I assumed the hot corners applet merely acted on some hidden setting, like the Night Light applet.

Don’t know if it’s related but there’s another feature that does not seem to work in lightdm for Ubuntu-Budgie 18.04 :

  • the « show user background » on login screen ( in other words, on login screen the background changes accordingly to the selected user )

I assume some kind of « conflict » between what’s set in parameters/background and the lightdm-greeter-config-tool.

My assumption comes from Xubuntu 18.04, where the « show user background » works and where there is no gnome-center-parameter like.

@Coeur-Noir that was a change made in the 18.04 cycle to lightdm that removed that capability. All desktop environments now have to implement their own method to-do this.

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I didn’t realize that! I’m discussing this very thing in another thread. Copy paste, here we come!

That capability ( show user’s background ) is not at all removed from lightdm.
→ look at Xubuntu 18.04, it works.
→ isn’t it working too in Solus ? ( where I think there is no gnome-control-center thing like )

That capability ( show user’s background ) does not exist in GDM though - used in default Ubuntu 18.04.

So I assume in Ubuntu-Budgie « parameters/background » kind of override what’s set in « login screen ».

As I said - EACH desktop environment needs to implement the changes … xfce implemented the changes required to make it work - hence why it works in xubuntu

Solus Budgie? No - unless they have patched lightdm using the old code that was dropped in 18.04

I raised the issue here - no one has taken up the challenge to produce a patch to budgie-desktop

Ok, I’ll try to check that. It means lightdm version should be different in Xubuntu and Ubuntu-Budgie ?

no - lightdm will be exactly the same - the xfce daemon (whatever that is) would have implemented the change.

Ok. So lightdm is not the problem. The problem is how to give that « background » information to lightdm.

So why having in Ubuntu-Budgie a tool to tweak login-screen with the available option « show user’s background » if that option can’t work ???

The tool comes from the good Linux Mint folk - which primarily Cinnamon. Mate uses the same tool.

That option sets an option in slick-greeter to listen to a AccountsService dbus call instead of displaying a static wallpaper. For linux mint cinnamon - just like xfce - has the capability to send the correct dbus call to the greeter to display.

If some good folk fixes this for budgie-desktop I can then backport the fix and that option will work correctly.

I don’t know since when / for what reason / thanks to any update

but now Lightdm shows user’s background - if set in login-screen-tool

Nice !

Thanks for noticing. I am particularly proud to implement that myself :slight_smile:

Be proud !

And thank you - I know it’s a detail but I love that feature.

( I still have a strange behavior with Numlock in Lightdm : sometimes have to hit the numlock key 2 times before it works. )

do check that you have the package numlockx installed and that you have the login window - settings - active numlock option toggled on.

Ok, installing numlock package + setting option did the trick.

Strange I don’t need numlock in Ubuntu 16.04 w/ Unity.

I also noticed the lockscreen ( needed when one wants to change user without logging off current one ) has not the same « look » as the login screen : I expected both to look like the login screen.

I don’t mean the background image but the login area.

Open to ideas on the lock screen. No idea myself.