Budgie-panel freezing up

I’ve been using Ubuntu Budgie for about a year now. Never had any problems until recently, when I noticed that in top budgie-panel was at 100% cpu usage (1 of 4 cores saturated) and completely frozen. Everything else continued to work fine, including plank and other windows. My panel at the top of the screen wouldn’t respond to clicks, and my left-hand side auto-hiding panel would not pop out.

I checked journalctl to see if anything occurred at the time of the freeze (as the clock freezes I can tell when it happened, in both EST and Unix timestamp). However I couldn’t see anything there.

The problem is intermittent. The only recent change I made was to the Budgie Weather applet, where I switched my location back to my home city after changing it during travel. Not sure how this would cause this. The weather works just fine, displays the correct location and temperature.

Is there any sort of logging I can turn on to determine what the problem is before the next time it happens? I’m quite comfortable with logging and debugging tools, but I don’t know much about Budgie at all (other than using it).


Suggest reset the panel, then add applets one at s time until you see the issue again.

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

That seems fairly drastic. Isn’t there a way I can locate which applet is doing it?
I might do it in reverse, remove applets until the problem disappears. It’s been happening about once a day. I removed the forecast applet, so I’ll start there and keep removing them.

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Hi @MrAureliusR

One idea could be to use the PPA for having the lastest releases of Budgie Desktop (?).

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