Ubuntu Budgie freezes after some time but sound is still there

Hello Everyone!

I’m new here in this forum but i using Budgie now for some months.
Everything works fine but recently i’ve bought a second Monitor to my Laptop (see screenshot for more Details).

quick explanation : i’ve installed the monitor over hdmi and set it as my main monitor in the settings, but after like 5 minutes or so my whole desktop freezes and nothing works besides restarting my laptop via the button.

i dont know where the Problem is.

Does anyone have a tip or something?
i dont really want to reinstall my whole system just because of a new monitor now :confused:

Does your monitor have any other connections you can use?

Additionally, suggest try a different hdmi cable.

Edit: it is also worth testing a brand new user account to see if this is a user specific issue or system wide.

Hello fossfreedom,

it has just 1 hdmi port and i used the cable that came with the monitor itself.

i’ve tried it with a different user but still same issue

edit: aslong as i’m moving my cursor everything is fine

Hmm… doesnt appear to be budgie specific


Even freezes with windows 10/11 appears to be having issues with iris graphics from a quick google…

All of this doesn’t help you i know!

You mentioned keeping moving the mouse stops the freezing. I wonder if its the cursor hiding after stopping for a while is a possible cause with the graphics driver?

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alright thank you, i might just get a proper pc haha

Thank you for youre help!