Budgie Freezes When I Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Change Screen Clarity

Today I ran into an odd issue: Since I didn’t have applet installed, I wanted to change my screen’s clarity with the keyboard shortcuts Fn+F4 and Fn+F5. Upon clicking, the system immediately slowed down and finally froze. I had to do a hard reset to have Budgie back.

All other Fn key combinations work normally, apparently. The Clarity-Applet works fine, though.

I am on a Dell Inspriron laptop, with Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 installed.

can you reproduce the issue?

Do you mean if it happens every time I start the system? Yes, it does.

Steps to reproduce are just :

Press Fn+F4 (less clarity)  or Fn+F5 (more clarity).

After the reboot use Menu - Logs - have a look around the logs to see if you can see anything being reported at the time you were using the keyboard shortcuts.

Kindly bare with me … in which folder do I find the logs?

There are several /logs folders, but none I could find seems to hold system logs.

Menu -> Logs is an application? (not there)

That’s odd. gnome-logs is part of the standard install.

You can start Gnome Logs via the command line by typing gnome-logs

I have a minimal installation and the log application was missing.

Here is the screenshot of the log:

Ah - that explains it!

You are running nouveau graphics. The logs are showing lots of errors. Have you tried with the nvidia proprietary drivers offered in Hardware Drivers?

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I changed to the proprietary driver. Now I am not seeing the login screen anymore. I’m just getting a black screen.

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After a moment of pure despair and a little internet search on my mobile phone I managed to find way to open a root prompt from the recovery mode and purge the nvidia driver, what brought the system back …

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Try to update the kernel

NVIDIA and linux is not a good deal sadly :frowning:

Try reading this post


Seems like they found a solution for NVIDIA drivers in there.

Thanks for sharing this post. I guess for the time being I just stick with the nouveau driver, until I get adventurous again :slight_smile:

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Okay no problem :slight_smile:
Good luck