No signal on external monitor

I got a new monitor yesterday and used it the entire day both using extended display mode and single display. I had no issues yesterday then today I just can’t get it to display anything. Except one time when I rebooted the laptop and it displayed the Budgie loading screen on my external monitor. The monitor is detected and shows the usual options in the Display section but whenever I changed the setting to use the external monitor as single display and hit apply it doesn’t work. The monitor is just blank without signal and have to detach the hdmi cable to revert it to the built-in display. I’ve already tried rebooting a few times, changing the power mode, etc.

I also can’t change the driver in the Additional driver settings. It just shows that I’m using a manually installed driver and the other options are disabled.

I’ve found a fix running the commands and then reboot.

ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
update-initramfs -u -k <kernel_version>