External monitor detected but not displaying

Budgie 18.04 is installed on a Lenovo flex and is connected to an external monitor. The external monitor is labeled in Display Mode as “Technical Concepts 26.” The external monitor does says there is no signal coming in. I tried changing resolutions to no avail. I looked for a way to change the display manager but I did not find out how to do that in Budgie. Any suggestions?

Hardware issue maybe? Can you connect using traditional VGA maybe?

Graphics issue? NVidia graphics? - are you using the nvidia proprietary driver

Are you saying that Menu - Displays is showing two screens - the second being “Technical Concepts 26” ?

I forgot to mention that on Ubuntu 16 on same computer the same monitor works perfectly. Not a nvidia. Intel® Haswell Mobile. The display shows the two screens but there is no output to the monitor. I do not have a VGA connection on the laptop.

If you boot via a live USB session can you connect? I’m wondering if it something to-do with your user account. If you cannot connect via live USB session then it is a bug with the Haswel graphics driver.

In a couple of weeks time 18.04.2 will be available which comes with the 18.10 kernel and graphics. So it would be probably a good idea to try a 18.10 live session. If that works then wait a couple of weeks and you can then install the HWE (hardware enablement stack) on 18.04

Finally an apply button showed up. As you suggested I booted with a livecd and with a bit of fiddling with the resolution I got it to work. That is where I saw an apply button. I fiddled with it on the installed version and the apply showed up- maybe it was before but I was not looking for it and it might have been out of sight as I scrolled down.

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