Ubuntu budgie 20.04 cannot detect its own laptop built-in display

Hi everyone, I have a problem related to built-in laptop screen as it can not be used anymore when I restarted it this morning, only the external monitor still worked. Is there anyway to help me out ? Thanks

Can you expand on ‘it cant be used anymore’ ? Is the display not appearing? I.e. the display is black from startup to the login screen and onto logon?

Yes the display is black from startup to the login screen and onto logon, but not the external monitor. I think it related to this issues, but when I tried to do the following step, I cannot find the xorg.conf in /etc/X11.

Are you definitely not seeing your computer BIOS logo appearing? If you are not seeing this - this is before the operating system loads - then you have either turned off the laptop screen (usually a function key to-do this) or you have a defective laptop screen.

I see my computer BIOS logo appearing but after that, it go black and login screen will be shown up on my external monitor.

Suggest use software-properties-gtk and the hardware tab to check which nvidia driver is offerred to you. Test by reverting back to the nouveau opensource driver. This is the only one that Canonical can directly support.

Once confirmed that the laptop screen is working ok then you can decide to stick with the opensource driver - or try one of the other nvidia drivers (if listed) to see if they work better.

This is what I have at the moment

fair enough - curious as to why you have a “manually installed driver” - how and why have you manually installed it?

The nouveau is the next one up from the currently selected driver.

The nvidia proprietary drivers are non Server drivers.

I really dont know, I have not touched anything related to this before

I have been using Ubuntu Budgie for the last 4 months and I have pumped into this issue since this morning