Can not connect to external monitor 21.10

I have 21.10 installed on a Lenovo flex 14. In 20.04 I can connect to my external monitor but I can not do so on 21.10. The display settings are directed to the external monitor, which is a mere blank, so I can not make adjustments. Any suggestions?

This machine was able to properly use an external monitor, the very same one I am using now.

Hello @garyk

Few questions for you:

  • Are you using Nvidia+Intel, Intel only, or AMD GPU? In case of nvidia, see if you are using the latest GPU drivers in “additional drivers”. Also in case you have Nvidia+Intel, can you try to switch to Intel only, test, and then switch to Nvidia only, test, and share the results?
  • Have you tried to keep the monitor connected, and do a full reboot leaving it connected to see if it worked better?
  • once you connect the external monitor, if you cycle your laptop display function key, usually FN+F5 or FN+F7, is there any of those settings that work for you?
  • Can you connect external screen, run the command xrandr and paste the output here?

Great, with this suggest I solved my problem with second monitor using FN+F5 to activate it. Thank you so much

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