Applets got lost in the Panel (Battery, Network etc..)

Some of my Applets in the Main Panel got lost and I cant figure out how to add these again (Battery & Wifi).
When Im in the Budgie Desktop Settings and want to add them, theres no Applet like that. AppIndicator Applets? No settings available…

How can I solve this Issue?

Add the status indicator applet for the Battery.

Add the system tray applet for Wifi


If you want to reset you panel back to its defaults:

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

Thanks brother

Is there anything else after dhe “&”?

–replace &

No. Why do you ask?

& just ensures the process is executed and the terminal prompt returns. Without it the process waits until the terminal exits.

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I did’t know that, thank you! I just thought it was “& <+ something else>”.