Bluetooth indicator not displayed in budgie panel

Hi Guys,
This morning while configuring the settings for Weather applet, the desktop got hanged and I chose force quit the desktop settings - the result was that I lost panel and everything. By using Tilix I rebooted machine and thank god it was a good boot for me but the panel was messed up completely.
I configured a new panel and I like it that I had to reconsider the things in the panel but two problems -

  1. Bluetooth is working but not displayed in panel ( I need it, really I work with bluetooth )
  2. System Tray applet is not showing the things up.

Thank You.

Do check that you have the status indicator applet added to your panel.

but my system tray is still not working and showing me icons for like - mailspring, discord and dropbox.

I am not familiar with what mechanism those apps shows their icons, but if they are application indicators you will need to add the appindicator applet to your panel.

why we do have system tray ?
Oh my god :smiley: this is really confusing. I thought system tray is important one. But thank you. everything is working now.

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Some really really old apps show their icons via the system tray. So the applet is there for these legacy apps.