Alternative user/status indicator applet

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for an applet as close to this one as possible (this is from a screenshot posted on WhiteSur theme) – basically a way to display all the info in one applet instead of having one for each.

I don’t particularly like the Budgie status indicator as the spacing can’t be adjusted and the bluetooth icon can’t be removed (unless I missed something?).

Thank you in advance

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There are no third-party applets that provide that info in that format.

Personally (I don’t know if upstream would support such an idea) - I would have a tick-box in budgie-desktop-settings that when ticked would collapse the two/three icons under one and display the info for those three icons in one popup.

Might be an interesting project for someone - but first touch-base with upstream to see if they would support such a capability.

Who would be “upstream” in this case? Who should I get in touch with?

So upstream here is Solus - GitHub - solus-project/budgie-desktop: I Tawt I Taw A Purdy Desktop

Alright, cheers, I’ll make a post on their forum then with the suggestion.
In the meanwhile though, how do you think they managed to obtain that result on the WhiteSur theme page?

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Thats a picture of GNOME Shell

Alright I’ll look into that as well. Thanks for the help!

Where do you have a bluetooth indicator in Budgie ?

I don’t have one - hey, I don’t have bluetooth on my machine so it’s normal.

Maybe look at this, to be sure your bluetooth is off at start ?
The idea is to create a launcher in ~/.config/autostart that sets bluetooth off using command rfkill block bluetooth
This won’t prevent you from starting bluetooth when really needed.

The bluetooth indicator is part of the Status Indicator applet:

I had already set bluetooth to be off by default with the option to turn it on when needed but the icon remains there. Not a huge issue though, more of a design thing.

I was referred to this, so I guess we just need to wait