Possible to remove Bluetooth systray icon?

When I was running 17.10, I disabled bluetooth and it hid the bluetooth icon in the systray. I believe this icon is shown in the Status Indicator applet. After I upgraded to 18.04, I can disable bluetooth, but it doesn’t hide the icon, only greys it out. Is it possible to hide it?


This will need a code change to do this to make it an option.

I understand the code, the bluetooth icon always displays. The code will need to be altered to have an option to hide it - for example if a dconf key is set.

This is the code - I’m sure upstream would be ok to look at any pull-request with a suggested fix - https://github.com/budgie-desktop/budgie-desktop/blob/master/src/applets/status/StatusApplet.vala

Can you answer - which language in this code? C++?

Budgie Desktop is written in Vala