Downgrade to 18.10

I have falsely installed Budgie 19.04, thinking, wrongly, that all packages would somehow work. Is there a way do downgrade to 18.10?

Or better, can I work with this version normally?
I seem to have problems with installing some applets …

It was a fresh installation, no upgrade …

Sorry. No there isn’t an easy way to downgrade.

Alot of the applets we haven’t yet created 19.04 variants. We will be creating the 19.04 builds just before the beta in February/March. We do this because the final vala and gcc compiler becomes available then. It saves us alot of unnecessary recompilation.

What you can do is edit the backports ppa in update -settings from disco to cosmic.

This will install the cosmic applets where the builds do not exist.

Alternatively you will have to reinstall 18.04 or 18.10

ok, thanks for the quick reply …