Free space isn't increasing as files are deleted

I don’t know how I am able to get my drives to show accurate free space as I have deleted files, but the free space isn’t increasing. I have this issue with my NTFS drives that are auto-mounted.

Have you got the recycle bin enabled on your ntfs drives? Look in nemo i would suggest.

There is a recycle bin folder in one of the drives, but it is empty. Whenever I delete something from any NTFS drives, I am prompted with a dialog box saying that it can’t be sent to the trash, but only deleted. This used to not be an issue, I have seen some other reports of this when doing searches, but I am not able to figure out how to get it corrected. When you say nemo, you’re referring to the file manager?


on Linux there must be a « Trash » folder per user and per partition.

If your current user has 1000 for uid then a .Trash-1000 folder should sit at the root of mounted ntfs partitions.

You mentioned « auto-mounted » I assume in opposition to manual mounting done through command line like sudo mount /path/to/dev /path/to/mounting/point didn’t you ?

Once your ntfs drives are mounted, please show output from

lsblk -fe7,11 -o +size,model,ro
# answer is quite a large table so widen the terminal BEFORE issuing that command.

This will help knowing where partitions are mounted ( mountpoint column in the table ) amongst other information.

Knowing a mountpoint, you might want to check its right, permissions and content with

ls -la /path/to/partition/mountpoint

if it’s auto-mounted, such a mountpoint should look like /media/$USER/dev_uuid_or_label
and rights and permissions should look like rwxr-x--- $USER:$USER
where $USER is your current session name.

There are some ways to eventually « break » the auto-mounting process ( done by udisks / udisksctl ).
We might look at that further depending on the answer of lsblk