Have 26GB but says I have no space

I think the dev/mapper is corrupted.
Every time I login computer says not enough space.
I’ve uninstalled tons of apps, cleared cache and temp but it still happens.

Please any help would be great. I can’t start apps as well.

This is what I get every login


You issue looks like this filesystem - /dev/mapper/ full - Ask Ubuntu - suggest try the suggested command line entry to find what is actually taking the space.

Thank you. I’ve searched for ages before writing and this gives a way forward.

I don’t have space to do the command.
I’ve searched and haven’t achieved much success.

If this isn’t an encrypted drive you should be able to boot a USB into a live-session to do this.

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It worked from usb. What is safe to clear here?

Note - you need to use file manager (nemo) to mount your home folder - then adjust your du folder name from /home to the mount folder name.

I don’t know what to do here

After retrying this, I get this temp file but can’t find it through file manager or terminal.

Would appreciate some ideas