Menu bar problem

can anyone help me to fix the menu bar … it is annoying the way it is displaying.

strange, please open your terminal and run budgie-panel --replace &; disown budgie-panel. If that doesn’t help, you’re gonna have to reset all the applets:

budgie-panel --replace --reset &; disown budgie-panel

does not help.

When did the issue start occurring? What did you change at around that time?
Did you install or remove any graphics drivers?

it started since yesterday after installing updates from ubuntu.
i also enabled the livepatch but after turning off livepatch as well it is still not working.

What version of ubuntu budgie are you using?

Are you using stock everything? Or have you got any ppa’s installed? If the latter, what ppa’s ?

version : 18.04 ( LTS )
what is ppa’s

also look at this, bit worried what is going on ??

It looks like a problem with graphic card drivers… Any nvidia CGU involved ? If yes, check if matching proprietary drivers are installed.

thank you for answering. indeed i have graphics card 2 GB.
but going further I uninstalled ubuntu budgie at the moment. Thank you for support.