Hello I'm new one user!

Good afternoon, I’m new on user after install it budgie ub. many thanks see u soon :grinning:

hello - and welcome to you!

Welcome to Ubuntu Budgie :slight_smile:

Thanks , it’ s not easy for arriving here , Oup’s it’s necessary for changing my passwd 5 times , see u soon :grinning:

Guessing that would make two of us. As I am farely new myself. So don’t hesitate to ask! The people behind the curtains are all friendly and eager to help

Hi, just a point negative , my English are not good! And I would like If it’s possible to speak in French here ? Heu, times in times :blush: for practice well English

Hi! You made the best choise in my opinion :slight_smile: Just started using it myself a couple of weeks into it now