How do I connect to HDMI TV

Hi im new to using Budgie and I love the look and feel of it already. I need to be able to connect the display to my HDMI TV. How do I do this correctly Thanks

If you have the appropriate cable, then the tv display will appear in Menu - Displays

I attached a hdmi cable ok and the display on the tv is not my computer screen its a blank on with just my wallpaper showing. How do I mirror the screen from my laptop

Same place. The mirror options are on the Menu - Displays screen.

You may think this is a stupid question but where do I find the Display Screen menu?

Click on the menu button and type displays

Yep I found a search box typed in Display Screen and the item appeared on my TV. I simply clicked the MIRROR setting and saved it JOB DONE! Many thanks for your assistance, this is a brilliant OS