Multiple Monitors - How to connect your TV as a monitor

Hi, I’m a Budgie/Linux noob. I have Budgie installed as a dual boot on my Dell desktop computer. I would like to attach my TV screen to use as a display with an HDMI cable. When I plug it in, my TV does not show up in the Preferences: Displays. Can someone help?

Hi and welcome

Have a quick read of the first part …

The tl;dr you need to ensure that you have configured your tv to receive output on whichever hdmi port you are connected to.

Also you need to confirm that the cable is OK… do you have another to check with.

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Thank you for the excellent and informative article. I am now able to see my computer screen on my TV using the screen sharing option! (I didn’t see the little slider up top :wink: )
My next concern is, I want the sound to come out of my TV as well. Is that possible?
I changed the sound setting on my computer to hmdi output, but I’m not getting any sound on the TV. And I guess I should say I want to avoid using google-anything if at all possible.