How to disable Hibernation

Just wondering, on some systems when I install Budgie, the hibernation option is not shown by default, on other systems it is, even if the swapfile does not exist by default (BTRFS, in that case I do create a small swap.

When Budgie does show the hibernation option, how do I disable hibernation or get rid of it in the Power Menu applet?

It’s not configurable in that applet unfortunately

But how come Hibernation is not always shown? In that same applet (Lenovo versus HP laptops, not shown on Lenovo).

The code is here

Think it’s a systemd thing … if it thinks hibernate is possible it is shown. I am not convinced the information being returned by the underlying system is correct in all cases hence the hit and miss nature of its visibility.

Thanks! I’ll create an issue @solus project, see if I can convince them to change the logic behind it or even make it configurable.