How to get rid of the clock and date on the screen

I am trying to get rid of the clock and date in the middle of the screen…I am new to ubntu…ant hlp appreciated,

Menu - Budgie Desktop Settings.

This will open a window. Click on the “Panel” and click on the ShowTime applet in the list displayed.

Click the delete applet option to remove the applet.

will this remove the clock and date that’s on every screen…I use the clock on the top panel

Yes, it does. No more clock on your desktop.

The clock in the panel will still be there. It’s a different applet.

thanks for the help…the clock in the panel I use…i have been testing makulu core for the last year, I wanted to try something different…I love the looks, just gonna take a while to learn the system…do you use sudo from the command lne to install stuff not in the software center?

Regarding software installation, it’s Ubuntu based so
sudo apt install software_or_package
from official repositories. You may use a package manager such as synaptic or gnome-package-kit.
These ways you deal only with packages in .deb format aka the good one.

Beware of snap and flatpak formats also, aka the bad ones. Joke aside, these need some fine tunings because of their « confinment / sandboxing » and other peculiarities.

You also have AppImage which are standalone packages, easily portable.

To sum up :
⋅ if your software is to be found in repositories, go for .deb / APT,
⋅ if it’s not, go for a PPA, still in .deb / APT,
⋅ if there’s no PPA for it, go for snap or flatpak or AppImage,
⋅ if there’s none of these packages for you software, compile or avoid, look for an alternative.