Is ubuntu budgie heavier than solus budgie?

I have a older laptop and I am considering the install of a budgie desktop, but I don’t know if I should choose ubuntu budgie or solus budgie.
My specs:
Celeron n3060
4gb ram
ssd 240gb
That is it!

Heavier? What does this mean?

Your spec is fine to run almost any distro.

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Oh, sorry, by “heavier” I mean if ubuntu budgie uses more resources than solus budgie

As I said - in terms of CPU and RAM you don’t need to worry - you have plenty to spare for any distro.

Use whatever works for you - applications/budgie applets/support/community/…anything.

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Thanks! Just more one question: Will removing snapd service do any good in terms of battery duration?

no. Makes no difference. It will remove budgie-welcome/budgie applets and budgie theme screens though.

Do investigate the package tlp - sometimes makes things better … sometimes no difference … and sometimes (rarely) worse.

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Thanks! I will check it!

I’m using machines with 900mhz atom processors and 512MB ram. I can tell you that you can run Budgie or Cinnamon on them but you can hear the fans whirring while they use about 300MB ram just idling. Other than that they run fine, until you open your second firefox tab.
Running mate on them seems to be better, using about half the ram when idling. Other distros can be lighter but they don’t have the polish.

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More one question: Will flatpak reduce battery life or performance?

There isnt and reason why any linux container mechanism such as flatpak and snap should reduce battery life. Such mechanisms are inherent in the kernel - they are very light weight compared to “heavy” virtualisation solutions which indeed affect battery life.

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Oh, thanks!
Well, my concerning is because flatpak and snap creates second plans services, right? So I was not sure if their impact was irrelevant or no