Budgie or Windows 10?

Which is more lightweight and fast?

That’s it :smiley:

What is your own experience, what did you do to test. What did you try?
I don’t see how you can expect a useful discussion or answer with such an opening post… ofcourse Ubuntu is more lightweight and Budgie is great. But if you need Windows specific apps, then it doesn’t matter. Windows will be the most lightweight option for you considering your needs.

But you haven’t shared anything…the answers will be of the same quality as your question :wink:

What do you expect here?
Except if you absolutely need Windows specific apps, nobody will answer Windows in their right mind. :sweat_smile:

I don’t need Windows apps. I just surf in the internet and play some games. The games I like can run on Linux (And even better, I’ve seen some test videos)

So far I am fascinated by Ubuntu Budgie and believe me I do more that internet surfing and playing games, My life becomes more easy now a days about worrying on viruses, spams and paying the licenses for windows application. Following are the best ones for me so far :
Web Browser : Mozilla, Brave, Opera Beta ( available now )
Email Client : Mailspring ( Best of Best )
Docs/ Sheets/ Presentations : ONLY OFFICE
Document Viewer is the best application I have ever used to read my PDF’s. I can highlight the text and amazing search feature ( killer searching in document viewer )
For taking snapshots I am using applet which is serving far more than better then a snipping tool in windows.
I never used dropbox like I am using in Ubuntu.
The story is not ended here dude… actually I installed citrix workspace server on ubuntu and it works perfect every weekday.
Purpule note, Leafpad, KolourPaint are just more example of software which amazed me.
Last not but least is My laptop fan is making less noise than it used to do while operating it on Windows.
if you need a demo, I am up for it. let me know and we will schedule something :slight_smile:

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I have both operating systems on all the computers in the house.

The only time I ever boot windows on mine is if I must scan something from my Canon scanner to a PDF file. I haven’t found a way to do that on Budgie. So next time I buy any printers or scanners I will be researching what brands have utilities for Linux before I buy.

I think one of my daughters boots windows on hers occasionally to play Roblox.

None of us are ever going back. That says all anyone needs to know. No comparison.

If you are wanting a really light OS for low ram, there are other lighter options in the Linux world than Budgie. But in my opinion there is a trade off going that route that is not worth the savings of what a couple of sticks of ram cost.