Kdenlive : how get it themed and translated?


Coming from here ( french ) Comment installer KDENLIVE avec 20.04 ? / Questions et informations avant l'installation / Forum Ubuntu-fr.org I was trying to help.

So the idea is to install latest version of Kdenlive from its stable ppa.

Like the op I end up with something whilst usable, incomplete : Kdenlive is not in my language ( very annoying ) and not themed accordingly to my settings ( Qt5 style not applied, this is less annoying ).

Installing language-pack-kde-fr did not help for language.
Installing adapta-kde-theme ( which brought also kvantum ) did not help either for theming.

Abelthorne suggests it might be related to absence of ~/.config/Trolltech.conf file ?

I know it’s not Gtk - so I don’t expect a 100% match but not having such a heavy software in user’s language is a no go. And well I don’t have those problems in scribus which reads french and is 99% correctly themed ( following my customization in Qt5 settings ).

So what’s to look at ?

This says there is a menu option to change the language


Indeed that’s what I show in first picture, it’s set in Français and as you can see Kdenlive remains English :wink:

So that sounds like a bug then … maybe the ppa owners forgot to build in the available translations.

Installing Kdenlive 4.19 from Ubuntu repositories

…french ok, not theme.