21.10, live-session, partially set in chosen language


If trying live session of UBudgie 21.10 in « Français », keyboard mapping is still qwerty instead of azerty.

Actually French is missing in gnome-language-selector
Once you installed your language from there, then the key mapping is correct ( after logout / login ).

That’s not at all friendly - and also happens in other Ubuntu flavors, for years.

This does not happen in « official » Ubuntu 21.10 where french/azerty keyboard mapping is correct out of the box in live-session.

It’s OK in a « real » installation.

hmm - interesting observation.

Nothing can be done now given the release next thursday - all flavours are in a hard-freeze situation.

To be honest not sure which package this bug should be filed against.

Ubiquity ?

This happened to me as well. Clean install of daily 21.10.

Then entually mark yorurself as affected :wink: