Keyboard distribution fails Ubuntu Budgie 22.04

I installed Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 a few days ago and it works quite well. However, I have a problem.

My only keyboard installed is Latin American Spanish. I added it during the installation routine from a live version on a USB.

When I turn on my PC, the keyboard works correctly. For example, I can type the letter á (a lowercase A with a grave accent, generated by typing " ’ " followed by “a”).
At some point, I don’t know why, the keyboard stops having this behavior and starts generating characters from another language, probably English. The same key sequence now generates ]a.

The expected: cárcel
What was obtained: c]arcel

(Of course it’s not just the “á”, there are many characters that change position or disappear.)

To rectify, I have to restart my session.

I can’t figure out why this happens. Yesterday didn’t happen all day. Today it happened about 2 hours into my session. Can you think of what could be happening?

Please note that I am an end user, with very little knowledge of the technical details of the operating system, and that this is a translation from Spanish done by an online service.

Apparently I have a conflict of default keyboard shortcuts with those of VirtualBox.

I already learned how to recover my keyboard distribution without logging out the session: Using the shortcut SHIFT+SUPER+SPACE.

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