Switching keyboard issue

Hello there!

I’m having an issue with my keyboard. See, I have 3 languages, German (as my first language), then french and finally greek in this exact order.

For some reason, no matter what is second in this list, the display changes to a qwerty keyboard. If i put greek, it turns to english, french turns to english too and even german like that second place is cursed by the english language. Is there any reason for that? how can i solve it?

thanks for your answers!

What version of ubuntu budgie are you using? 22.04?

Yes exactly! 22.04, sorry i forgot to put it in my message!

What does the keyboard layout applet show when switching? Are you using the applet to switch or a keyboard shortcut of some sort?

I am using Win + Space to switch keyboard. It works well except the second keyboard is always english. For example in the order i showed you, if i switch once it will be english, and if i switch a second time it goes to greek like it’s supposed to, and then one more time and it’s back to german

So the issue is with the “french alternative” keyboard layout? Or does it occur with any french keyboard layout?

Have you actually installed the french language stuff?

The issue occurs with any keyboard layout that I put in second place. If I put german (which is my systmm language) in second place, it will put an english layout instead. THe french layout works well when it’s first or third, and same for greek, that’s why I said it feels like the 2nd place is cursed haha


Ok i will try to find some time soonish to have a look if i can reproduce.

Thank you very much!


ok - I have got a speculative software patch that I need you to test please

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/reviseibus
sudo apt full-upgrade
reboot --

After testing you can safely remove this PPA via

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/reviseibus
reboot --

As I said - this is speculative - not sure if it fully works.

It also needs thorough testing with keyboard layouts like chinese, japanese etc etc.


I’ve tried your patch and it works perfectly for me so far. I tried the Chinese (WuBi-Jidian-86-JiShuag-6.0) keyboard and as you can see on the screenshot below it works perfectly fine too:

Thanks for helping and if you need some more testing with other keyboard don’t hesitate!

edit: typo

I had the same problem with spanish keyboard layout on second place. I just thought that spanish keyboard layout does not work at all. But testing it was the same behavior: on third place it worked fine. Your ppa-update worked well for me as well. Now it works on second place as well.
So many thanks and I hope it finds its way into one of the next ubuntu budgie updates for 22.04lts
All the best,

@oberg @Kraoroz please can you file a bug report on launchpad so that we can begin the formal process of getting the fix in.

You need to ppa-purge first and then

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