Keyboard switcher issue?

now is my time to ask a solution for a keyboard-related problem :wink:

Since years I’m used to keep italian and polytonic greek keyboard layouts on my pc because sometimes I need to write something in greek. When I met Budgie, first applet I’ve installed has been budgie-keyboard-autoswitch applet.
Now it seems there can be a problem, on jammy; I mean it seems that budgie-keyboard-autoswitch applet doesn’t change anything, while if I change keybd layout from control center it correctly follows selected layout.

I’ve tested it this way, on focal, jammy and lunar:

  • launched gedit
  • written a couple of words in italian with budgie-keyboard-autoswitch on IT
  • moved budgie-keyboard-autoswitch on polytonic greek and written a couple of greek words

then, while in focal everything went fine (1st sentence in italian/latin characters, 2nd sentence in greek/greek characters), both in jammy and in lunar to write in greek I’ve been obligated to go in keyboard settings and move greek layout at first place; budgie-keyboard-autoswitch switches to greek when I move greek layout at first place while if I try to change layout via budgie-keyboard-autoswitch nothing happens: on upper panel budgie-keyboard-autoswitch shows greek but keyboard layout remains italian.

Thanks and best,

Not sure if I understand correctly, but it seems you expect the keyboard autoswitch applet to automatically switch within one and the same application, per line or section.
Keyboard autoswitch remembers layout settings per application though, and does not understand the language in which you are writing. It never did.

I might be misunderstanding your post though.

yes, in focal this was its behaviour and I can reproduce it: see attachment, first image comes from keyboard-switcher set to italian; second, set on greek and third set on french. Everything on the same gedit document (in french layout I’ve written ‘QWERTY’ on physical keyboard and, with french layout the output has been ‘AZERTY’), while from jammy and lunar it doesn’t happen, I need to move desired layout in budgie control center to uppest position every line, for changing layout every line

Schermata del 2023-04-18 14-08-51
Schermata del 2023-04-18 14-10-57
Schermata del 2023-04-18 14-11-26

Wait, are we talking about the autoswitch applet, or the keyboard applet?
The latter should of course set the right layout, according to what you pick in its menu. You say it doesn’t?

ok … maybe is my fault: keyboard applet isn’t budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet? I mean … is that applet you can find in upper panel having the capability to change keyboard layout that I was talking about

This is the keyboard applet:
…and the autoswitch applet:

yes, but if you check with
dpkg -l | grep keyboard | grep applet
you get budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet that I’ve called by its name in my first post here

That’s the autoswitch applet, but which are we talking about?

budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet the first in your pictures; otherwise what is keyboard applet package name?
In /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu/dists/jammy/main/binary-amd64, opening packages.gz there’s only one applet that refers to keyboard and is budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet. More, when I install it I can see in upper panel the icon you showed first, the one with locale names. I have no clue about the other one, more: if you look for “autoswitch” in budgie-extras and in budgie-backports you can find only budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet, that’s the keyboard applet

Still a bit foggy :grinning: You say: “budgie-keyboard-autoswitch-applet the first in your pictures”, but autoswitch-applet is the second picture.

To clarify: keyboard Layout (the one you pick a layout from the menu) was developed by upstream, and comes with Budgie Desktop. Keyboard AutoSwitch was developed as part of Budgie Extras, which is developed and maintained by Ubuntu Budgie (us).

Assuming Keyboard layout applet is our subject, and switching via its menu not working, could you open a terminal and type dconf watch /, then switch language via the menu? See what output it produces in the terminal?

ok, ok, is my fault: I meant keyboard layout, not keyboard autoswitch. Sorry

Then, here’s the output of dconf watch /

silvietta@antigone:~$ dconf watch /
uint32 1

I’ve changed keyboard layout from italian to greek.

I’ve understood what happens with keyboard layout switcher (but I don’t understand it anymore): when I log in, keyboard is by default set to italian; switching to greek doesn’t change so much, I need switch from greek to en-us and back to greek for starting writing in greek characters. That’s annoying but it works.

Now I’m in italian layout, I switch to greek and nothing changes unless for some special characters (e.g. brackets, moved from shift + 8 / shift + 9 to shift + 9 / shift + 0, as is in greek physical keyboard); I switch now to EN-US and back to GR and … αι σιχτιρ! … it works.

I’ve set up also polytonic greek (via gsettings, because from menu-keyboard I can’t find it … BTW: why???) and is the same: now I’m in italian layout and αι σιχτιρ! (again) for writing in greek I must switch from IT to GR, from GR to US and back to GR.