Can't change keyboard layout/language

I just installed Ubntu Budgie 20.04.1 LTS (changed from Linuxmint). and have some litle problems… First of all, I can*t change the kezboard laguage, even though I activated spanish, english and german layout/lanuage, it always shows me the german layout, which I used during installation. I have no Idea how to fix this… and need to work and write in diferent langages!

Im very grateful for any help-…

You can re-order the list in Eingabequellen, by drag and drop.

If you put Spanish above Deutsch I guess it sets the Spanish as default keyboard.

You also may use « keyboard layout » applet to switch between your different layouts,
see Budgie Settings to add it to one of your panels.

I think there are also keyboard shortcut to do the same :
[ Shift ] + [ Super ] + [ Space-bar ] = previous source layout, in the list
[ Super ] + [ Space-bar ] = next one

There is another applet to assign keyboard layout per application.

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