Latam keyboard disappeared

somehow the latin american spanish (latam) option disappeared from the keyboard switcher and was replaced by ‘spanish’, which isn’t really spanish as the accent points the wrong direction. in the settings i tried all the different options for ‘spanish’ keyboard, but they all had incorrect accents. nothing super critical and, as i’ve come to expect from budgie, everything else works fine. anybody have any ideas how to fix this? thanks in advance for any help

What is the version of ubuntu are you using? 20.04.4?

When you said it disappeared - at what point? did you just do a normal upgrade? Have you got any PPAs installed? Possibly a PPA may have a newer package that is causing this issue - speculation on my part.

yep, 20.04.4 lts. though i did do the minimal install on this machine, the same lack of latam exists on a machine with the same os but with the full, standard install.
the only ppa’s i found in software sources were eoan
and stable main
both of which i would readily delete if they might be causing the problem.
i also have some snaps installed, brave, deadbeef, budgie welcome.
i noticed the backward accent some upgrades ago, unfortunately i don’t know which, maybe a month or two ago.
as always, thanks for your so rapid response.