Link back to ubuntubudgie home page

Just an observation. Seems no link to home page from this forum?
In case of google search user ends up forum wanting home page etc.


If you click the “home” link, it takes you to our site. Or is there something I am missing?

Thank you.

Or something Im missing :wink: cant see it here:

That is so odd!

I wonder if the white theme is just hiding the nav bar. The theme is just out of the box provided by Discourse.

Well its a minor detail, but both FF and Chrome do not display the header you show here missing: Home Store Blog
Would you try a hard refresh Ctrl F5

I am viewing it in FF as we speak.

- I also did the f5 as requested.


And now in chrome. The issue seems to be with the white theme itself.

Yep, I changed the site theme and its there now.

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