Firefox tabs unreadable in Dark themes & Dark theme option

I like the Vimix themes very much, because of their simplicity. Usually, I use light themes that have few colors.

Up for change, I was trying out some dark themes from gnome looks and many of them, even Firefox own themes, have a strange appearance on my laptop, like blurred text on the tabs or light text on light background. I thought that was due to a developer’s inconsistent css theming.

So, today I was looking at the dark themes that come with UB, like Vimix-Dark-Laptop and Pocillo-Dark. Strangely, here as well, the tabs have white tabs on white background, what makes them unreadable and quite ugly. Does this have something to with my installation, or maybe a missing GTK library?

Another theming issue I observed today was that when choosing the “regular” theme, like Vimix or Pocillo, and selecting the Dark Theme option in the settings, the Setting-App itself changes the background to black, but Nemo, Nautilus or Firefox do not. Is this a known issue?


Firefox for me (testing on 19.10/18.04) has square tabs

Theming looks like the above.

So, are you using some-sort of firefox addon/extension that is changing the styling?

The “Dark theme” option is deprecated now by GNOME and will be removed later - it gives inconsistent results as you have noted. GNOME recommends using specific dark themes if that is what you want.

Well, indeed I was using a style sheet from here … Renaming the file brought the styling back. Many thanks for the response.

Also for clarifying about the Dark Theme option.