Logout prompt focus shift

Hi community!

So when I use the keyboard shortcut to logout, the logout prompt appears, but it does not respond when I use the keyboard. I was wondering if there was a way to make it so I can use the keyboard to confirm/cancel from the logout prompt.

This ?
Peek 17-04-2021 22-42

If calling it from mouse, using [ ← ] and [ → ] seems to finally give choice
but you’re right, it looks like that dialog-box does not immediately have keyboard focus.
I had to hit [ → ] 2 or 3 times before seeing the choice moving accordingly.

Errr… What is the keyboard shortcut to call that dialog ?
This : [ Ctrl ] + [ Alt ] + [ Del ]
…and in that case the dialog-box is indeed not focused at all.
Had to [ Alt ] + [ Tab ] to get focus and then use arrows.

Yes that is it!

So I didn’t notice that calling it with the mouse gave it keyboard focus, but you are right, I can get the options move using left and right arrow keys.

But when I use the [ Ctrl ] + [ Alt ] + [ Del ] and then try using [ Alt ] + [ Tab ], I wasn’t able get it to focus. I tried [ Alt ] + [ Tab ] just once to see if it would be the next window in line to focus, and I also tried holding [ Alt ] and scrolling through the windows with [ Tab ].

Dunno what to say…

first is [ Alt ] + [ Tab ]
then [ ← ] or [ → ]

I’m guessing the difference in behavior is Windows Previews enabled vs disabled. Default alt-tab won’t allow alt-tab to the Logout window, Previews will. Personally I always use Previews.

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