Minimum Installation of Ubuntu Budgie 18.04

Hello guys,
Congratulations to the entire Ubuntu Budgie team for the excellent work.
One question: When choosing the option Minimum Installation, have a lighter system and consume less memory?
I was wanting to install Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 on a notebook that has 2 GB of memory and will it perform well?

The aim of the min install is not memory but just a way to start with the core system allowing you to build up from there

2gb is the min recommended spec and others have said UB works just fine.

A SSD is the best recommendation for making things work very fast.

Uninstalling gnome software is another trick to free up memory on start-up.

As long as your machine is not older than 8 years old and has something better than the cheapest processor such as an atom then all should be ok

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Thanks for the answer.
Now I understood the difference well and thank you for the tips.