Mounting an encrypted LUKS drive using nemo

Formatted and encrypted external drive using Disks app, but will not mount on either my Budgie Desktop or Budgie Laptop. Password lock/unlock shows as working.

Very interesting problem.

Googling you are not alone - this is a common issue with both nautilus and nemo. No real conclusion why it occurs it seems.

For me this link proved useful

In summary - I formatted a luks disk with a strong pass phrase via Disks.

Then I installed the package:

sudo apt install cryptsetup

Disks said my usb stick was in /dev/sdc1

I connected the usb stick to the name “Cryptodisk” - choose whatever unique name you want.

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc1 Cryptodisk

Then I created a ext4 partition for the stick called Cryptodisk

sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/Cryptodisk
sudo cryptsetup luksClose Cryptodisk

I disconnected the usb stick and reconnected it.

Finally I used nemo to open the usb stick and entered the strong passphrase.

I right clicked the pane and chose to open as root - at that point I could create new files etc.

An unknown error occurred while attempting to mount the volume.

you probably still have the mount open in nemo - unplug the device and reconnect - but dont mount via nemo util you have completed the instructions.