Can't enter passphrase upon boot, need to Esc

So, I encrypted my hdd and now upon boot I get the slot for the passphrase. Unfortunately I can’t type anything. I need to ESC this screen and then enter the passphrase here. Upon ENTER it boots into the login screen.

It’s not undo-able but very hacky. What’s going on? This is fresh install.
Any help is appreciated. I just convinced myself and my wife to run Ubuntu Budgie. :pray:

What graphics driver are you using?

nvidia by any chance? Bug #1503306 “Cannot enter LUKS passphrase after installing nvid...” : Bugs : plymouth package : Ubuntu

Radeon but might be related, and also found this here: How to enable text-mode LUKS passphrase prompt on boot? - I’m just a bit cautious since I re-installed already for this issue.

Yeah. That should work.