[Esc] key has no effect on plymouth start screen?


Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 here. When booting, my screen shows
⋅ first UEFI bios, shortly
⋅ then Grub to choose OS
⋅ finally Budgie animated logo ( plymouth start screen )

Hitting [Esc] key during that animated logo used to show the « textual » booting screen, sometimes helpful to see what is slowing down the boot.

Actually hitting [Esc] only seems to stop the animation process ( dots under logo are no longer moving ) but does not show the « behind » textual screen.

Intended ?

no - although I can’t reproduce your observation. I’m also using 20.04.


I can see same behavior on 2 other pc running « official » Ubuntu …18.04.

( I am slowly removing dearest Unity 16.04 from PC here and there… )

You are not alone

Ok, maybe not at all related to Budgie so.

Question though : I have this « problem » ( Esc key ) only since I removed other systems from my home pc. For the moment only Budgie 20.04 remains.

Can it be related to Grub ?