No escape from ESCAPE key acting as escape when trying to remap unresponsive ESC key!

Hey, first discovered this problem in Budgie yesterday then found it’s the same in LMDE, possibly all debians?
If your ESC key is broken there is no easy way to remap it to some other usually unused key such as the super 4 key. The key remapping dialog box won’t capture esc as a key, it captures it as ESC and the dialog closes. Nothing I could think of to write in there worked, not ESC or ESCAPE or U+001B. Tried using onsceen keyboard to capture ‘esc’ but that just closed the dialog box.
Apart from being funny, and difficult to address at boot time, does anyone else think ‘ESC’ should be treated differently by keyboard preferences apps?

That’s a GNOME issue - not a budgie issue.

Guessing this sort of answer will work here

Thankyou, I found about half a dozen ‘technical’ solutions online but was looking for an intuitive graphical way to solve the problem.
Imagine someone coming from windows or mac to linux then their escape key dies in the middle of a busy day. I wonder how other os cope?

An ordinary user regardless of os will probably be quite stuck, contact their IT dept and wait for a replacement keyboard!

This is a very niche issue and I doubt anyone will spend any development time on creating GUI solutions.

Who doesn’t probably love an ordinary doubtful niche issue? Also funny if you decide to map something to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and get logged out then can’t remember username, and can’t boot off linux USB to retrieve username because boot menu needs ‘ESC’ to invoke it and that key’s broken.
Curious as to how windows handles it? Do you have a win10 machine?

Windows doesnt offer key remapping out of the box. You have to use third party tools.

Apple seem to offer it out of the box. I wonder if they’ve done it differently?