Full-disk encryption, blank screen after entering key

Using a MacBook Air and everything worked well for a few weeks. I was using the computer today and closed the lid without powering down. When I came home I plugged the secondary monitor in, and opened the laptop lid and the screen was blank. I powered down with the power button, and now whenever I type in my key to unlock the disk, the OS goes to a blank screen rather than the login for the regular user account. Integrated intel graphics, so Nvidia or AMD drivers are not to blame. What do?

This sounds like a generic Linux type question rather than budgie specific.

I would recommend you also post on askubuntu.com and/or ubuntuforums.org where help is also available.

I agree with you, it happened with Linux Mint as well, thats why I installed Ubuntu Budgie thinking it was only a Mint thing. Just sad that I have to reinstall so I can use my laptop again