Very slow lock screen login

I have a issue with the lock screen.
Aften sleep mode, it wakes up quite quick, but the password window is dead. it is not possible to write inn the password. So after waiting a couple of minutes, the screens goes black and opens up again. Then with a working active window for password input.
Not a biggie, but it slows down the process to start up the work after a coffee break.

I am using the new 21.04 version so could be a bug that are known and on the list.

It’s still very early days for 21.04 with many components that could be part of this issue.

So please monitor and upgrade as usual. Around mid March I would expect all the key changes to be in and then bug fixes will be used to stabilise the software in the repositories.

Yes, I suspect it will settle up after a while.

I have another issue after I connected my screen #2.
The nice desktop clock is gone. Can not find the setting to have it back.

Please can we have one issue per thread. Thx