Cannot login after "live USB" boot

I created an ubuntu budgie USB to boot from using etcher on a mac. when I boot on my Fedora laptop, I just get a screen that says something like “live user login” and an arrow to login. when I click the arrow, i an unable to try and enter any credentials…the screen just disappears, then comes back.

On other Linux USB boots I have done, there is no login required. I would like to try out Budgie, but do not know hot to proceed. Crazy.

When you see a login screen rather than a live session desktop that usually means the ISO you have downloaded has a corruption - or the writing of the ISO to the USB stick has failed partially.

You should double check the sha256 has value of the downloaded ISO as published on the downloads page. If that is OK - I would use another USB stick to write and boot from.


mkusb will do a better job for live / persistent loop system

for a while (perhaps still?) etcher on OSX was periodically plagued by incorrectly signed / missing keys, resulting in corrupt or incomplete writes

If you’re stuck on mac for the time being, dd will work well enough for a live install

# wget -nd 
# umount /dev/sdc 2>/dev/null || true
sudo dd if=ubuntu-budgie-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1048576 && sync

Ok thanks for the info…I guess after that experience I will just stick with Fedora…