can't install ubuntu budgie 24.04 lts


I had a question, I would like to install the new Ubuntu Budgie on my desktop and laptop, but I think there is a problem with the ISO at startup that gives me something like an efi /boot/ error message

This maybe a corrupt iso or a failing usb stick.

Check the sha256sum value of the downloaded iso to see if its valid.

Suggest as write the iso to another usb stick

There is nothing wrong with my USB stick, because I have also installed other Linux ISO via this USB without any problems, I use Etcher to put Linux systems on the USB, but unfortunately the latest version of Ubuntu Budgie does not work, it is also available. another way where i can download the latest version

Are you referring to 24.04?

Also just now tried out, But got me the same error play, is there any other solution too, For think all iso are corrupted

Can you post a picture of the error message?

I presume you dont see the grub window with try install options?

I agree that it would be a good idea to check the sha256sum of the ISO file after downloading, to confirm the file’s integrity.

In my experience, sometimes a notification (browser or system) will indicate the download has finished, when it’s really still being transferred from RAM to the USB. Luckily for me, my USB drives have LEDs that blink while there is still some activity.

If your USB drive doesn’t have such a visual indicator, you could run “sync” from a terminal, and when that finishes and you get a new terminal prompt, you can probably be sure that the ISO file has been completely written to disk.