Booting issue to install Ubuntu budgie on my gaming p

Greetings guys, I have a serious problem. I have a gaming laptop ans I trying to install Ubuntu budgie on it but an error came up, it gets stopped in this part of the process or gets stopped in the logo screen and believe guys I’ve done a lot in order to fix that, even though I changed my program that I use to boot my. ISO files (I use etcher, rufus, win32 disk image writer, unetbooting, etc). What it is most strange is the fact that I can boot it correct in the another laptop that I do have, and this is happening to my with several Linux distribution that I booted up in my gaming machine. I do not what else to do.



Is there anything else that I can do, I want so bad to install this linux distribution in my pc

Have you tried any of the kernel command line options such as nomodeset and such like?

I haven’t tried that, I’ll do it. Do you have any other suggestions to find the solution of this issue?

You said that the same image worked on another laptop. You also mentioned that other linux distro’s have issues with this gaming PC.

So it is a hardware issue - an incompatibility of some-sort. So best to look at the kernel options to help narrow down the possible areas.

OK, btw let me ask you something, is there configuration in the bios that it might affect booting processes? Also when I tried to use Ubuntu without installing option it gets stuck in a black screen

absolutely - almost everything in the bios is there to affect how certain hardware presents itself to operating systems.

So - for example - there could be options to change how the hard-drive is presented - turning caching on/off or legacy options plus others.

You might have tuning options to make your gaming PC run that much faster than normal

Could be graphics card issues - maybe swapping temporarily to another graphics card could help e.g. amd/nvidia vs intel.

Sorry for the generalised advice - this can only really be solved by playing around with certain options.

If you can strip back the gaming PC to its very basics - one simple hard-drive, simple graphics card, cabled keyboard. Once you have something booting then start introducing the bits and pieces/configuration that makes your gaming PC that extra bit special.

Thanks, I’ll play around with it and I think that most likely the issue it is on the bios.

I’ll do all that you said, you have any other suggestions or recommendations, let me know and one more time thank you for you help


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Nice, please share how so the community can figure it out too.

Sure, I’ll do it once I get back home :grin:

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Thanks so much! Appreciate it

I’m so sorry for the long delay. I just deactivate the CSM option on my BiOS. For those people that does not know about it, it is a feature that attempt to emulate old BIOS to help your computer to boot old Operative system.

Ah i see. Thanks, please mark the above comment as the solution. Also, why is this under the themes category? Move it to general