Can't access BIOS after installing Ubuntu Budgie 20.04

hey Everyone,
This may seem a little weird/delayed, but I’ve not needed to get into my BIOS since installing Ubuntu Budgie quite a few months ago. Whenever I boot now and hold the key which would normally get me into the BIOS it just flies on by to the boot loader with Budgie…I mean, wtf!? LOL
HOW is that even possible?? Why?

umm - its not possible. Any operating system boots after the BIOS stuff is executed.

Are you sure you didn’t previously changed a setting like “Fast boot” or similar which basically skips the normal bios checks?

hey David,

I was sitting ere thinkin exactly the same thing.

Okay, so what’s changed? - I asked m’self.
Did update the BIOS
so I know they’re particularly Windows-centric and perhaps that’s their new default setting.

That said,

cat /etc/default/grub
looks like this

hey Guys,

Okay definitely, as you say, not Ubuntu Budgie.
I believe now the BIOS update did the “woopsie!”

Lotsa Window-sy default nonsense going on in there.

Did a CMOS reset and reconfigured the BIOS, boot-order etc.


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