Duplicate "ubuntu" entries in bios boot menu and no option in bios "boot" tab to initiate on ubuntu

I first installed windows 10. Then in live ubuntu budgie, I created a ext4 partition for /, a fat32 for efi partition and a swap. In the installer, I selected “/” as mount partition for ext4 and then I selected install bootloader in /dev/sdb5 (which is the fat32 I created for linux). But when I reboot, I am able to enter in ubuntu only by pressing F7 for boot menu and then I see a windows boot manager option and two ubuntu options. In the bios, I wanted to change the boot order to boot Ubuntu first, but I ubuntu wasn`t in the list, even listed duplicate in boot menu.
I think my procedure is right, because I did the same for solus some time ago and it just worked fine.

Am I missing something for budgie? Thanks

This is my boot menu

This is what I have to choose on boot tab on bios

This is really a generic installation issue that I would recommend a wider audience could help with - askubuntu.com and/or ubuntuforums.org