Please help, my Grub is gone!

Hi everyone,
I am on Ubuntu budgie 17.10 - budgie destop 10.4.1
I have no sucess geting the grub, shift escape, don’t work.
I try to get boot repair, but the update is not working, “N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.”
I’m a newbie with very limited understanding on linux.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Vincent - welcome.

17.10 went end-of-life back in Jan 2018 - the repositories for this release no longer exist - they have been archived a long-time ago.

Given that you mentioned you are a newbie - my advice is to backup your vital files from your home folder to a USB drive and then do a fresh install with a supported release such as 20.04.2 LTS or 21.04

You can change your repository links to the archive repo … then upgrade to 20.04 via 18.04LTS. This will involve a bit of command line trickery … this is the link.

If this is looking a bit too advance for you - then do a clean install.

Thanks David for your quick answer,
I want to do a clean install, i backed up my files, my point is that i can’t acess the grub to try, start a new install. I keep booting in budgie what ever i do.
Do you have any idea, even drastic ?
thanks again,

ok - when you are doing an install you don’t need access to grub.

This is a hardware situation - if your computer has a BIOS then you need to press a key to boot display the BIOS and look at the order of booting. You need to set your USB higher than the hard-drive.

For most laptops the key is usually F2, F8 or F10 - but others can use other keys.

For EFI Settings - you need to press the key combination to launch into your settings and select the option to boot to USB. Some computers are ESC, others are F1 or F2 … but again the key can change depending upon the hardware manufacturer.