22.04 install on Alienware M17xR3 hangs at GRUB

I’m trying to install the latest Budgie Ubuntu on my older Alienware M17xR3 and it install just hangs at an empty screen with GRUB in the upper left corner. I’ve waited for over 30min and it is just stuck there.

I’ve installed an empty hard drive in the system.

The USB boot drive was created with balena etcher.

I also created a bootable USB for Ubuntu 22.04.5 and that boots just fine to Ubuntu. It’s the budgie USB that is stuck at the GRUB. Nothing else comes up even after 30 minutes.

I’ve done some googling and there might be an issue with systems that have dual graphics. This system has integrated intel graphics and Nvidia. Unfortunately the bios doesn’t give the the option to disable one or the other.

Any ideas? I just started using Budgie Ubuntu and love it on my other machine and I would prefer using it over the standard Ubuntu installation.

Since I’m a new to the forum, I can only upload a single image, so I’m uploading the bios screen because the other is just a blank screen with GRUB in the upper left and nothing else, and nothing happens when I hit any keys.

Thank you!

Do you mean its stuck at booting the USB or stuck after installation and on its first reboot?

If its the latter did you remember to tick the install proprietary drivers option for the installer? This will install the appropriate nvidia driver.

The alternative is to edit grub and add nomodeset to boot. You can then enable the appropriate driver in the hardware drivers option available via the menu button.

It’s stuck at the boot from the USB.

As an interim solution, I’ve installed ubuntu 22.04 and then added the Budgie desktop, but it’s not the same. I’m still trying to figure out all the tweaks to get it to feel like my other system.

Hmm … does the sha256 of the iso match with the published value?

Yes it does. I used the USB to install Budgie onto my Dell Precision 5530 workstation without any issues.

Are you referring to Ubuntu 20.04.5 ? We also have a 20.04.5 image but remember the end of life for 20.04.5 is April this year.

The latest version of 22.04 is 22.04.2
If you are referring to 20.04.5 then I suspect your issue is very definitely kernel related and a kernel parameter option may be required to boot your computer Kernel/KernelBootParameters - Ubuntu Wiki

You could try the older 22.04.1 which has the standard 5.15 kernel - that may work better for you


That was a mistype. I used the current image from the downloads for 22.04.

Tried to get the previous version from that link and the 22.04.1 directory contains only the 22.04.2 files.

I looked in all the 22.04 directories and they all point to the same 22.04.2 files.

yeah - sadly it now looks like Canonical are only keeping the very latest images for all flavours on their servers.

Is there anywhere else to get the previous version? That seems a little short sided to not keep the previous versions.

not officially I’m afraid.

The best officially is to download the older ubuntu image


install ubuntu-budgie-desktop
purge nautilus, snap-store and any other app you don’t need.

I’ve already done that with 22.04.2 using the plain ubuntu and installed Budgie, but there are so many things that are not already configured, I have not been able to get the same experience with the system I was able to install using the Budgie 22.04.2 iso.

The ubuntu 22.04.2 iso installs fine on my Alienware system, it’s the Budgie 22.04.2 that hangs on the grub screen.

I was able to do a clean install using the 20.04 budgie-ubuntu iso and then upgrade to 22.04. Running “lsb_release -r” shows 22.04 but “uname -r” is showing 5.15.0-67-generic, which is the current kernel.

There seems to be something happening with the 22.04 usb installer. When I looked over my notes, I am now not sure if the 22.04 ubuntu (non Budgie) usb installer got past the grub page. I’ll try that today and report back.

If it is a boot problem from the USB in both Ubuntu only and Ubuntu-Budgie installers, who should I report this issue to? Clearly the new kernel works fine on the system.

Thank you for the help!

Certainly an interesting finding.

My immediate thoughts would be to raise this against the grub2 package


Thank you, I’ll do that!