Need help with Live CD

Hello, I’m new here but I’m not new in the Linux Community. I have heard about Budgie and wanted to check this out. So I downloaded Ubuntu Budgie and did a ISO burn on my DVD-R. So I loaded it up on my old laptop and it brought up the login screen so I tried ubuntu as username and password and it did not work. I even tried root as username and password and that didn’t work and I tried admin for username and password and that doesn’t work at all. So, my question is: What is the username and password to the Ubuntu Budgie LiveCD? Thanks and I will be hearing from you soon.



When you see that it means that either the iso has been corrupted during the download or your write of the iso has been corrupted.

Check the md5 value of the iso against the published value.

If that is ok ensure you burn with verification turned on.

Ok I will try again.Thanks.