Budgie 18.04,build 20180725.1.2 LIve DVD user name and password

I would like to try Budgie 18.04, but near the end of the boot-up it asks for user and password. I do not know what to use as I have not yet assigned a user and password, and I do not want to do a full install to hard drive install unless I can look at it and see if I like it from the LIVE DVD. Please , what to use?
Just hitting entry key with no pass word or username does not work either. Is there a Default Ubuntu user name / password to use maybe?

When you see that it means that either the iso has been corrupted during the download or your write of the iso has been corrupted.

Check the md5 value of the iso against the published value.

If that is ok ensure you burn with verification turned on.

Thank you for the quick reply. I imagine this checksum value MD5 of the good ISO is on the Budgie site somewhere? I also see their are a few iso software products to check my downloaded Budgie .iso as well, and the two must obviously match. I did do a verify burn when I made the DVD and it checked out. I also burned a Flash drive and even with it I get the same request for a user and pass that I never set, I assume therefore their is an iso file issue. It is easy to try another download of the Budgie file and burn another flash drive to see if it works.
Do you recommend a program from my Windows 10 machine to use a for checksum iso query to test integrity of the downloaded file.?
I am using Xubuntu and Mate on another HDD presently,and playing with Budgie,trying “flavors” and enjoy the other versions very much. I am an old C-64 programmer of Spagetti Basic" from 1982 and enjoy playing with Linux a bit. Thanks for your help .

The md5 hash value is displayed with the version you want to use.

Microsoft recommends this to check the md5 hash for a file